Thursday, April 19, 2012

The power of the post!

Post by Mike
After my Wednesday post, the Braves put on an offensive show and moved up the ladder to rank ninth offensively in the NL: NL Offensive stats

Nice work! If they finish top 5 in offense, and top 5 in pitching, they can go deep in the playoffs. Notice that all five NL East teams are in the top 10.

And where do they currently rank in pitching? Good question: NL Pitching stats - the answer 13th. Notice that the other four NL East teams are in the top 10, with the Braves being the low ranker. That is rare for an Atlanta team, but JJ has not found his grove, Huddy is still rehabbing, and Delgado always seems to have one bad inning.

The pitching will improve, and the hitting seems headed in the right direction. Not mention, we are now tied for second in the standings with the Mets, and trail only.... Washington? 

Yes it is early and the Phillies won't just roll over. Miami has too many hot heads and prim a donnas to keep it together through that sweltering heat. So my current prediction is the Braves will be in a season long struggle with the Nats and Phillies.


  1. Nice post, but it's "prima donna". The term comes from Italian.

  2. Did you see Mike Minor tonight against the D-Backs? He made it through 7, gave up 2 runs on six hits. First really solid performance from the mound I've seen from this team this season. If we can get more good innings like this from Minor, JJ settles down, Hanson does his thing, and we have a healthy Huddy. This team can definitely go far. After all, they were swinging the bats pretty well again tonight.

  3. @ Anonymous - Thanks for the spelling lesson.

    @Fisher - That was a very impressive game!