Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Is it the Indian or the arrow?

Post by Mike
The good news is no one panicked after that questionable Spring training and an 0-4 start, and the Braves have rebounded to pull their overall record to 6-5.

The offense is also showing some positive signs. JHey is hitting the ball hard, and refuses to discuss any aspects of his approach at the plate. That is good. He needs to keep that tunnel vision. Still, Ugla still hasn't homered and he and Freeman need to pull their averages up above .200.

And this is bothering me too. Check out the final offensive stats for the NL in 2011.

Final 2011 NL offensive stats

The Braves finished 13th overall in the league, then hired their third hitting coach in three years. Now check out the current standings:

Current 2012 NL offensive stats

We're still at 13th in the league. Maybe it isn't the Indian, but the arrow. Translation - we still need a good bat to insert in this lineup. The talent is their, but there are holes in the lineup for pitchers to work through.

PS - The Braves play at noon today and can be viewed for free on as the game of the day.

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