Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Karma is a mean female dog!

Post by Mike

From my memory alone Bobby Petrino -   first stabbed Tommy Tuberville in the back, then he left Louisville without class. A former player that had to have a serious surgery while a Cardinal, never heard from or saw Petrino during his hospital stay.

Then there is that flight from Atlanta when the Falcons were sinking with the Michael Vick issues.

Now he screws up and gets canned pretty quickly by the Arkansas AD. He obviously had no goodwill built up with his bosses and not much with the alumni base either, or a mea culpa would have saved his job.

How big of jerk do have to be to get fired on a quick fuse after winning 11 games? Maybe if he hadn't used his influence to hire his 25 year old girl friend or paid her an extra $20,000 he might have survived.

That Karma is a raging female dog with a long memory. Click here for the coaching obit of Petrino - Who is gonna hire the jerk now?

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