Friday, September 12, 2014

What I like and dislike about Saturday's game.

Post by Mike

Okay I’m nervous… confident… but nervous. It was easy to jump on the Georgia band wagon over the past two weeks. And why not… the Dawgs did destroy an out of shape, talent depleted Clemson squad at home on a 200-degree August afternoon.

What’s not to like?

I can’t come up with much… the special teams looked vastly improved. UGA, for the first time in recent memory, didn't have players falling out with conditioning cramps, Clemson did. Our defense played great! We swarmed to the ball, tackled well, and the secondary was serviceable.

Our O line looked great in the second half. Gurley’s numbers were huge because the holes in front of him were huger, and now Bobo has four horses he can use to wear down Carolina.

Mason looked like a game manager. He isn’t gonna win the game for us, but I also don’t think he will lose it. If there is a weakness, it has to be our deep ball attack. Hopefully we won’t need it.

Another thing I like is that Carolina played a tough game against East Carolina last Saturday while our guys were resting. That can’t hurt.

So what do I dislike?

Spurrier, his O line, and Mike Davis.

It could be worse… he could have Wuerffel - Doering - Clowney - Latimore type talent - he doesn't… but that beefy bunch up front is gonna try to do to us in their home stadium which we did to Clemson in ours. If it is close late in the game, the Visor will try to pound Davis out for the win. So… Bobo has to get us a 10 point lead… Pruett has to keep it. Simple as that. 

Playing from behind is no way to go through a Saturday in Columbia.

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  1. Okay, thanks. Now you have me nervous too! Hoping they all stay healthy and uninjured this year! GO DAWGS....WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF!