Friday, September 19, 2014

Weekend Picks

Post by William

Happy Friday All!!! 1-1 last night. 16-19 for the year.

Good Thursday night of football. Falcons just showed off. Not sure why they're such a great home team and so bad on the road. That offense could be something special.

Really surprised Auburn didn't produce more than they did. One thing I did notice.... Auburn is beatable. K State's last 4 drives all started inside Auburn 30. 3 missed FGs and an INT. Bad.

Here are the picks for the rest of the weekend. Picks are in ALL CAPS

VA TECH(Home) minus 8 vs Ga Tech

BAMA(Home) minus 14.5 vs Boom

LSU(Home) minus 10 vs Miss St

SPURRIER minus 22.5 vs Vandy(Home)

Florida State(Home) minus 12.5 vs CLEMSON  

Georgia(Home) minus 41 vs TROY      Uga wins easy but they never cover a big #. Maybe we'll get to see Brice Ramsey chuck it around the lot a little bit. Also, maybe the direct snap to #3 going to the left. Give Smokey the Vol something else to think about for next week.

On to the Pros

SEATTLE(Home) minus 5 vs Denver

Carolina(Home) minus 3.5 vs PITTSBURGH

New York Jets(Home) minus 3 vs CHICAGO

Have a great weekend.

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