Friday, September 5, 2014

Week 2 picks

Post by William

Hello all. Hope you enjoyed Week 1.

Running late getting these out. Gonna be a little quick.

RE: UGA beatdown of Clemson.... IMPRESSIVE. Heard a radio guy say this.... Let Coach Richt tamp down expectations. Enjoy this as much as you would be pissed if it was 45-21 if Clemson had won. BTW... off week. NOBODY GET ARRESTED DURING THE OFF WEEKEND. YOUR TRACK RECORD AIN"T GOOD WHEN UNSUPERVISED

RE: Braves.... We had broken up but now they're tied for last Wildcard spot. EVERY game from now on is a playoff game. Sorry... I have to watch.

On to the picks.... 7-5 last week (8-5 if you count my pick that TW wouldn't win FedEx Cup). WORST SEC schedule I've ever seen. Here are the picks. PICKS ARE IN ALL CAPS

STANFORD(Home) minus 3 vs Southern Cal

Georgia Tech minus 10   TULANE(Home)    Why is GT opening Tulane's new stadium? Fyi.... GREAT game from Albany kid/DWS grad Tony Zenon last week.

OLE MISS minus 19.5 vs Vandy(Home)   I watched Vandy last week

OREGON(Home) minus 13.5(was 12 Thursday) vs Michigan St   Speed

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 15(was 16.5 Thursday) vs East Carolina    Play hard Pirates!!! Wear them down for Dogs.

Notre Dame (Home) minus 3.5 vs MICHIGAN   Yawn

OHIO STATE(Home) minus 12(was 11 Thursday) vs Va Tech

Onto the Pros

SAN FRAN minus 4 vs Dallas    The end is near for Jerry

PEYTON(Home) minus 7.5 vs Indy

DETROIT(Home) minus 6 vs Peyton's little brother   One word   MEGATRON

Arizona(Home) minus 3 vs SAN DIEGO

NEW ORLEANS minus 3 vs Falcons    Sundays at 1pm this Fall are going to be brutal. Falcons get 6 wins at best.

Have a great, safe weekend.

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