Friday, September 26, 2014

Week 5 Picks

Post by William

Hope you're all having a great week so far.

5-4 for the weekend picks last week, 4-0 on the NFL. 21-23 for the Year. Losing

Here are this week's picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Kentucky(Home) minus 17.5 vs VANDY

Florida State minus 18.5 vs NC STATE(Home)

Texas A&M(Home) minus 9.5 vs Arkansas    Speed kills

SPURRIER(Home) minus 5 vs Missouri    Please let me be wrong. Dogs need a Missouri win bad.

AUBURN(Home) minus 32.5 vs La Tech

Ole Miss(Home) minus 21 vs MEMPHIS     Ole Miss ain't good enough to be looking ahead to RDT next week in the Grove.

Georgia(Home) minus 17.5 vs SMOKEY HAS FLEAS      Dogs win b ut that 3 is WAY too big

On to the Pros

Green Bay minus 2 vs CHICAGO(Home)    Bears getting points at home? Winner!!

San Fran(Home) minus 5 vs PHILLY

Nola minus 3 vs JERRYWORLD(Home)   Can't believe I'm taking Romo and the points

TOM BRADY"S HAIR minus 3 vs Kansas City(Home)

FALCONS minus 3 vs Minnesota(Home)

This is next week's schedule. Fantastic!!!

Have a great, safe weekend!!

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