Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will it work out in the wash?

Post by Mike
Will it all work out in the wash? I’m doubtful that the SEC will get a shot to extend the conference title streak.

The balance of the season looks like this:

Kansas State -    at Baylor                              Texas

Oregon -              Stanford                              at Oregon St.                     Pac 12 Title Game

Notre Dame -    Wake                                    at USC

Bama -                  W. Carolina                         Auburn                                 SEC Title Game

Georgia -             GSU                                       Ga. Tech                              SEC Title Game

Two of the top three would need to stumble in order to give the SEC Champion a shot, and even then KState might lose but only drop to 3rd. There is a huge anti-SEC movement underfoot even at ESPN which holds the SEC Saturday night contract.

If the four team playoffs system was in place, we would be debating bracket placement instead of inclusion. Of course if the SEC had not expanded by two teams, Johnny Football would never have gotten a chance to run wild on a dead legged Bama squad.

Who out there believes that any of the top three could play Mississippi State, then travel to Death Valley for a brutal slugfest, only to get to come home and chase that pest Manzell without suffering at least one loss?

We have had this debate in the past. In fact we have it almost every year, and somehow it all works out and a path becomes clear for the SEC Champion to get into the title game. But I fear the Karma has run out. The Notre Dame brand and an SEC weary nation will be too much to overcome unless two of the top three lose and lose big.

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