Saturday, November 3, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

Sorry these are late.

Here we go. Picks in ALL CAPS.

Big, gigantic, huge week for the Dogs. Need some help around the country.

FLORIDA(Home) minus 17 vs Missouri

VANDY minus 6.5 vs Kentucky(Home)

Mississippi St(Home) minus 7 vs TEXAS A&M

GEORGIA TECH minus 8 vs Maryland       Maryland starting a true freshman LB at QB today. If GT can't win today, there's a bigger mess going on up there than we know about.

Notre Dame(Home) minus 17 vs PITT

CLEMSON minus 12 vs Duke(Home)        LOCK of the Century

OREGON minus 8 vs Southern Cal        I have to root for Lane Kiffin. Gross. Classy of him to blame his players for losing last week.

KANSAS ST(Home) minus 9 vs Oklahoma St  

BAMA minus 8 vs Lsu(Home)       Zack Mettenburger  is not gonna feel good in the morning. Whatever goofy thing the Hat tries tonight won't work vs Kirby. (Felt like being generous this AM. We all know who runs that D.)

Uga(Home) minus 14 vs OLE MISS       Dogs win but it's gonna be closer than we want

ATLANTA(Home) minus 4 vs Dallas           Falcons win BIG

Ok. Stay with me. Not that it matters who we root for(it really does)      I've heard some people say that UGA needs Lsu to win if we're gonna get to the BIG GAME  b/c UGA can beat them and can't beat Bama. Kinda makes some sense if you're Debbie Downer. UGA needs Bama to win b/c the voters don't have confidence in UGA. We lost 35-7 to Jackass. We need to beat an undefeated #1 unbeatable BAMA team in the Dome for SEC title.

So as the kids say......    RTR!!!

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