Thursday, November 1, 2012

There will be clarity...

Post by Mike
From hence forth there will be clarity. Entering the weekend the BCS Rankings stand as follows:
1 – Bama
2 – Kansas State (Laughing as I type)
3 – Notre Dame (Even I have to admit, their D is pretty darn good.)
4 – Oregon
5 – LSU
6 – UGA
7 – Florida (They are irrelevant now, but I had to show that the Gaytors are ranked below us.)

After Saturday’s show down in the Bayou, either the Tigers or Tide will drop. If Bama loses the Dawgs may not be in the top five, but if LSU falls, and UGA beats Ole’ Miss….then up we go.
We could also use some help from Oklahoma State Saturday night (8 PM on ABC) when they square off with KSTATE. If the Wildcats win then, they still have to play at TCU and Baylor before they get Texas at home to finish the regular season. Lots of opportunity for a mis-step for them.

Also on Saturday night we all need to pull hard for USC against Oregon (7 PM on FOX). If the Ducks don’t lose there, they still have challenges with Stanford and Oregon State on the schedule.

Then there is Notre Dame. The Irish have Pitt, then Boston College and Wake Forrest before they finish their season November 24th at USC. Once again we’ll all have to hold our noses and pull for Lane Kiffin.
Of course the biggest thing UGA has to do is win. A lot of these other obstacles will take care of themselves. So beat Ole’ Miss, beat Auburn, beat GSU, beat Tech… then we’ll either get a one loss LSU or an undefeated Bama in the title game.

Win that one, and anything can happen.
What scenario would you rather see?  UGA vs. LSU or Bama in the title game?


  1. Why are you putting an ' at the end of Ole?

    Oh yeah, because this is some bullshit, rinky dink website that isn't even worthy of reading.

  2. You are correct sir!!!!! HE'S A MORON!!!

    Hotty Toddy and FINS UP REBELS!!!!