Saturday, November 10, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

Sorry. Picks are late as usual.

8-3 last week. Gaining on it.

Picks in ALL CAPS

South Carolina(Home) minus 13.5 vs ARKANSAS

TENNESSEE(Home) minus 3 vs Missouri

NORTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 7.5 vs Georgia Tech

ALABAMA(Home) minus 13.5 vs Texas A&M          Welcome to the Big Time Johnny Football

OLE MISS(Home) minus 3 vs Vandy

Lsu(Home) minus 16 vs MISSISSIPPI STATE

Notre Dame minus 19 vs BOSTON COLLEGE(Home)

Uga minus 14.5 vs AUBURN(Home)       Dogs win but too close for comfort. Really bad words about 9:30 tonight

Dallas minus 1 vs PHILADELPHIA(Home)

Atlanta minus 1 vs NEW ORLEANS(Home)       I hate to pick like this but the streak ends here. Falcons lose in a rout.

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