Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 4 Picks

Joe Dent won the Trivia contest AGAIN this week. The answer was Stewart Maiden from Scotland.

I think Joe has too much time on his hands.

Here are the picks.....

Florida(Home) minus 24 vs Kentucky
GSR    FLA        JD     FLA
Could Petrino resurface at UK? Just remember who their bball coach is. Not exactly squeaky clean.

Georgia Tech(Home) minus 14 vs Miami
GSR      GT             JD    GT
Not sure on this one but The U has trouble with Tech's offense.

South Carolina(Home) minus 10 vs Missouri
GSR     SC         JD   Missouri
Welcome to your first SEC road game

LSU minus 20.5 vs Auburn(Home)
GSR     LSU        JD   LSU
The Hat will turn up the heat on Chizik's Hot Seat.
BTW, Cam, when you're down 23-0 at home last night and you score a TD, give the Ref the ball and go put your hat on backwards instead of doing your Superman show. Panthers lost 36-7. Makes you look stupid.

Notre Dame(Home) minus 5 vs Michigan
GSR     ND                JD    ND
This is the one I'm having the most trouble with. Don't think ND is all that great but I saw UM against Bama.

UGA(Home) minus 15 vs Vandy
GSR    UGA                 JD     UGA
This is a lot of points. I've got a good feeling about the D tomorrow night. Jarvis has another HUGE night. Gives Tyler Bray something to sleep on all week.

Oklahoma(Home) minus 14.5 vs Kansas State
GSR     K State                JD    K State
OU wins, but too many points. If OU loses, they're out of BCS Champ game.

FSU(Home) minus 14.5 vs Clemson
GSR      FSU               JD     Clemson
A lot of points. This game will show if the Noles are back. If they lose, they're out of BCS Champ game.

San Diego(Home) minus 3 vs Atlanta
GSR      Atlanta          JD     Atlanta
Julio Jones is getting points? Take that all day long.

Baltimore(Home) minus 3 vs New England
GSR     Baltimore                 JD  Baltimore

Closest to TOTAL points in Rutgers at Arkansas
GSR        56                   JD    55
My blog, I get to go last.

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