Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is starting...

Post by Mike

This week is starting with the Vandy coach getting a bit chippy. Remember how those silly Dores thought they belonged on the same field with us last season. First shots fired.

I think if my only win on the season was against a I-AA Presbyterian team, I'ld keep my pie hole zipped.

Cornelius Washington is getting in on the action too, because he missed the chance last year: CW had to watch the action from Athens.

Then there is that little title race going on over in the NL East. This shows the Nats are starting to look over their shoulder. Will they fold under the pressure?

The writer, James Wagner, is a numbers whizz, and says the Nats have a 95.5% chance of winning the East.

He also breaks down the remaining schedule:

The toughest hurdle that remains for the Nationals is one that, a few weeks ago, didn’t appear like one: their end-of-season schedule. The Nationals face much stiffer tests than the Braves over the remaining two weeks of the season. All four of the Nationals’ remaining opponents have records at .500 or above. In fact, the combined winning percentage of the remaining teams on the Nationals schedule is .509, while the Braves’ remaining opponents sit at .469.

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  1. How far our program has fallen. All this over vandy? They were homecoming when I was there.