Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picks for week 5

Post by William

OK. We tracked down "Saban". Pretty sure we all know who that is.
HINT      Family

Texas A&M(Home) minus 13.5 vs Arkansas
GSR    TAM     "Saban"   Ark 

 Georgia Tech(Home) minus 27.5 vs Mid Tenn State 
GSR    GT      "Saban"   GT

UGA(Home) minus 13.5 vs Tennessee
GSR   Tenn      "Saban"   UGA    We win but the points scare me

South Carolina minus 21 at Kentucky(Home)
GSR    SC     "Saban"    UK

Alabama(Home) minus 30 vs Ole Miss
GSR    Bama        "Saban"   Ole Miss
Does he know something i don't know from Tiderinsider? Is Saban injured?

 FSU minus 17 vs South Florida(Home)
GSR     FSU      "Saban"   FSU  

Clemsom minus 9 vs Boston College(Home)
GSR    Clemson      "Saban"   BC

Texas minus 1.5 vs Okie State(Home)
GSR    UT      "Saban"   UT

Atlanta(Home) minus 7 vs Cam Newton
GSR    ATL        "Saban"    ATL

Green Bay(Home) minus 9 vs Cheaters(Saints)
GSR    GB      "Saban"    GB

TIEBTREAKER       CLOSEST to TOTAL Numbers of points Tiger Woods pulls in Ryder Cup
GSR     3         "Saban"   2.5

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