Monday, September 3, 2012

The HUGEST game of the year! So far.

Post by Mike
 This is the biggest week of the season!
With a prime time matchup against Mizzou just a few days away, the Dawg Nation has as many questions about this season’s team as they did prior to the game with legendary power house Buffalo.

First let’s deal with the positives: Isaiah who? UGA has great depth at tailback. Gurley is the real deal.  Marshall and Malcome give Bobo more dependable weapons to use than at any time in recent memory.
The receiving crew is also thick with good hands.

The special teams are definitely improved and short punter Adam Erickson is super skilled at chip shots.
Now to the problem areas: The O line was porous and Theus may be out.  Mitchell is in a walking cast so the secondary is not likely to improve in four short days. The defensive front looked okay, but John Jenkins cannot play more than three plays without having to rest and looked very soft.  That is also not a problem that can be cured in four days, and something that should have been addressed in July by  conditioning coaches. Granted… it was hot in Sanford Stadium, but the next time you watch Alabama take notice of the build of their players. They are, across the board, carrying more muscle mass and less body fat. Whatever they are doing can and should be replicated.

I suspect some of the suspended players will find their way back on the roster soon. If Rambo and Ogletree are on the field in Columbia this Saturday, we will win the game. If not, it is gonna be tough.
The opponent: First consider Buffalo had a preseason power ranking of 106.4 by Phil Steele. UGA was 142.58. And Mizzou…136.25.

Another point of concern could be the Tigers opening performance, a 62-10 drubbing of SE Louisiana. However, if the Dawgs looked bad against a very bad FBS team, the Tigers looked good against a very bad FCS school.

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