Thursday, May 31, 2012

Strasburg inning limit and Medlen put the Braves in contention.

Post by Mike

A break down of run differential in the NL East shows the two best teams in the division are Washington and Atlanta.

Run differential:
Nats - +25
Braves  - +18
Phills - +10
Fish - +2
Mets - -24

Medlen has gone down to AAA to stretch out his arm for a potential starting gig, and Minor has a scheduled start on Friday night. If that doesn't go well Freddi will have to consider sending him down.

If the Braves can find a way to strengthen the rotation, they will have an advantage because the Nat ace Strasburg has a 160 inning limit for the season, and he is churning through them with 58 already thrown. By my math he can start somewhere between 14 and 18 more games, with 112 left in the season. He ain't gonna make it to September before Davey Johnson has to shut him down. Bad luck that!

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