Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Bean ball heats up!

Post by Mike

I hate Notre Dame. In case you missed it, one of the former Fighting Irish shut down the Braves Monday night, and also made some more enemies. Watch the video below and notice how Samardzija turns around to talk to some one after he strikes out Uggla the second time.

The video is cut short, but what happens next is the pitcher and Heyward exchange a few heated words from a distance. I'm pretty sure the F word was thrown back and forth between them. Heyward punched a Samardzija fast ball out for the Braves lone run, then got beaned on the shoulder his next at bat.

Video of Samardzija

O'Flaherty evened the score later by throwing at one of the Cubs, and Fredi Gonzalez got tossed for arguing with the umpire who quickly warned both benches.

The new Brave offense has our batters moving up on the plate and both the Cubs and the Rockies have thrown at our guys because of it.

The good news is this is the National League, and those pitchers doing the plunking have to eventually stand in that batters box too. At least Samardzija will. He's a starter and hopefully he'll be in the rotation when the Cubs come to Atlanta on July 2-5. Might be some good fireworks in that series!

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