Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Should Minor spend a few weeks in the minors?

Post by Mike

The lone hole in the Braves starting rotation appears to be Minor who is 2-4, with a 6.96 ERA. Delgado is also only 2-4, but his ERA is holding at 4.26, and with some more run support he could easily be 4-2.

The trick is to move Minor down without destroying his confidence. Last night the announcers were talking about a time another standout pitcher had to be sent down for three games to figure out some kinks. That pitcher came back to the majors and had a decent career. His name was Greg Maddux.

We put up a pole. Should Minor spend a few weeks in AAA? And if so... should Medlen start or should we bring up Teheran?

Braves pitching stats.

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