Thursday, May 31, 2012

Debbie Downer must be at the AJC!

Post by Mike
Schultz and Bradley sure did jump on the negative band wagon in a hurry, but let me put the Brave's recent trouble into perspective. They lost 8 straight, and they currently trail the Nationals by, what the AJC duo would have you believe, an insurmountable 2 games. The horror!

Schultz thinks the team is crumbling and Bradley is knocking them for making moves and having bad pitching. Hey guys... lighten up... the team isn't crumbling. They went more than a week without an All-Star catcher, a red hot Freeman, and old man Jones, but still are within 2 of the league leader in the best division in baseball.

Bradley is also Debbie Downer about the massive hole where most teams put a short stop. I must agree with him that we need improvement there. My Basset Hound would field better than Wilson our Pastornicky, and it is pretty difficult to pitch when the left side is porous.

Simmons has been called up to the big club while Pastornicky will be riding a bus in the minors. Hopefully he'll learn how to play baseball. In my opinion, Wilson should be released or traded if anyone is willing to take him. He can't field but at least he is producing at the plate... right? (.177)

While Chipper is out Prado will get the most reps at third because Francisco was also absent they day they taught defense in Spring Training. He did however show up to learn how to rake. "He hit straight ball very much!" So off the bench as a pinch hitter = YES. In for defense behind a pitcher likely to draw ground balls to the left side = NO.

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