Friday, October 12, 2012

Yeah, I'm still pissed

Post by William

Last weekend was awful. Braves got screwed, Dogs were awful, Tech couldn't stop Deerfield. Falcons went down 17-10 I was about to jump off the roof. Went 7-3 for the week, Lose to CDB at 8-2.

No trivia this week. Didn't feel like doing it.

Some of you that know me know this... I'm a BAD loser. REALLY makes me mad. Learned that when I started playing competitive tennis at 10 years old. Mom couldn't stand it. Anyway... here are my picks for the weekend.

Picks will be in ALL CAPS

OKLAHOMA minus 3 vs Texas in Dallas

OLE MISS(Home) minus 5 vs Auburn         You folks to the West.... Ya'll happy with Chizik?

ALABAMA minus 21 vs Missouri(Home)  

Notre Dame(Home) minus 7 vs STANFORD    Here's your upset    Stanford wins outright. PUNISHES ND with the run.. First LOCK of the Year

WEST VIRGINIA minus 3.5 vs Texas Tech(Home)     2nd LOCK of the Year    Tuberville wants Arkansas job so bad he can't stand it.

Florida minus 8.5 vs VANDY(Home)     Not sure why but I've got a feeling.

Arkansas minus 18.5 vs KENTUCKY   Yawn

LSU(Home) minus 2.5 vs Jackass          No comment

MISS STATE(Home) minus 3 vs Tennessee    Derek Dooley had hip surgery this week. Coaching from box. Like that matters. Kickoff at 8PM Central     Could get ugly

ATLANTA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Oakland      Started at 5. Big number.   My team is good.

We would REALLY like you to come to Albany this weekend for this. Great time to be had by all.

Have a great safe weekend

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