Friday, October 5, 2012

Picks for Week 6

OK Danny got it right. #16

Here are the picks for the week....

Auburn(Home) minus 8 vs Arkansas
GSR      Auburn         CDB     Ark

Miss St minus 10 vs Kentucky(Home)

GSR     Miss St        CDB       Miss St

Clemson(Home) minus 10.5 vs Ga Tech

GSR        Clemson       CDB     Clemson

LSU minus 2.5 vs Florida(Home)

GSR     UF              CDB     UF

Texas(Home) minus 7 vs West Virginia

GSR      WVU      CDB       WVU

Missouri(Home) minus 7 vs Vandy

GSR     Missouri      CDB       Vandy

Texas A&M minus 12 vs Ole Miss(Home)

GSR     A&M                       CDB    Ole Miss

South Carolina(Home) minus 1 vs UGA

GSR     UGA                       CDB      UGA
Need a HUGE GIGANTIC game from the O-tackles

Atlanta minus 3 vs Washington(Home)

GSR       Coons                      CDB         Coons

New England(Home) minus 6 vs Denver

GSR        Brady              CDB    Peyton

Tiebreaker      More Passing Yards    Peyton or Brady 

GSR       Brady       CDB       Peyton       

Tiebreaker 2     How many times will I call Spurrier a bad word on Saturday?
GSR   Unlimited

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  1. Isn't Coons an offensive word?