Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

No trivia this week. Mike and I didn't feel like doing it. Still pissed about Carolina game.

Before we get to the picks, click on the link below for 2013 SEC Fball Schedule. UGA gets LSU in Athens. Also, Carolina moves back to the 2nd game of the year. Think that makes that Jackass in Columbia happy? Maybe we won't have anybody suspended next year.

Sorry.... lost my mind for just a minute.

2013 SEC Fball Schedule

On to the picks. 5-4-1 last week

Picks are in ALL CAPS

Lsu minus 3.5 vs TEXAS A&M(Home)       Don't have a feel for this. If The Hat was a good coach, LSU would kill them and Johnny Football would cry for his Mommy. That's why I'm taking A&M.      

VANDY(Home) minus 7 vs Auburn      That's right. Not a typo. Vandy minus 7 vs Auburn. Ouch.

GA TECH(Home) minus 14 vs Boston College        BC must be awful

Notre Dame(Home) minus 13 vs BYU     BYU can play and Domers are looking ahead to the butt whiiping they get next week at Oklahoma

Florida(Home) minus 3.5 vs CAROLINA      I know. Makes me wanna puke making this pick but Jackass is worth 10 points in this game vs Muschamp. Really need UF to win but....

Uga minus 27.5 vs KENTUCKY(HOME)     Not a chance in Hell Dogs cover. I've seen this game 1000 times under Coach Richt. Play down to the competition. That huge hissing sound you'll hear about 7:15 Saturday night is the air coming out of the Dogs balloon when the score from Gainesville is announced on PA system. We'll be lucky to get of Lexington with a W

BAMA minus 20 vs Tennessee(Home)     Wouldn't you hate to know your job depends on beating Saban? Good luck with that Coach Dooley. Phil Fulmer going into UT Hall of Fame that night. Should've never been fired.

FSU minus 21 vs Miami(Home)     Pretty sure that's the most points FSU has ever given Miami in Miami.

Clemson(Home) minus 7.5 vs VA TECH     This is just the kind of game that Clemson loses.

Tampa Bay(Home) minus 1 vs NEW ORLEANS

 Put all your energy into the Gators Saturday at 3:30. Gross.


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