Monday, April 25, 2011

The Uggla truth.

Now that is how the Braves are supposed to play!

You could see the confidence growing as Atlanta swept the defending World Champions in San Fran. Sunday's game was a back and forth slug fest with Jason Heyward homering to give the Braves a lead only to have it taken away by a Buster Posey dinger.

The Hatchets won in extra innings on a Nate McClouth, bases loaded single. So everything is beginning to click.

Even the ugly .182 average hanging on Dan Uggla was shined up with his game tying solo shot in the eighth.

Okay the slump was becoming painful to watch. Uggla was obviously uncomfortable at the plate. His .182 average is lowest among the starting line up, and he currently ranks 220th in the National League. His average is the lowest in MLB of all starting second basemen, but lets face the facts, we hired him for the long ball and he has punched 5 so far. The average does need to climb, but Uggla swings... BIG and misses often. But when he connects... he "hits the freaking bull!"

On the positive side he has been to the plate 88 times. Only iron man Martin Prado has more at bats with 94. And oh yeah... Uggla hasn't spiked himself... yet.

Now on to San Diego. You know Ron Burgundy says "the city was discover in 1904 by the Germans who named it after a whale's vagina".

We need to win this series too and close this gap STANDINGS a bit.

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