Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Late nights brush backs.

Posted by Mike
With Braves on the west coast it is hard to stay up late enough to catch the action. So if you missed it last night there were two retaliation pitches thrown.

Dodger rookie left fielder Jerry Sands got off to hot start against the Braves. The youngster doubled and singled in his first two plate appearances. Apparently Huddy had seen enough of that and knocked the rookie to the dirt with a fast ball in the seventh.

The Dodgers retaliated by throwing behind McClouth in the next inning.

After being moved to the eight hole McClouth improved his average to .232 on the season. Fredi G has to have a short fuse with McClouth. The organization wasted a full season trying to get his swing straightened out and can not afford much more patience. A quick glance at the Gwinett Braves roster supports this theory as the AAA club is currently carrying three center fielders. Joe Mather - .297, Jose Constanza - .350, and Jordan Shaffer - .256, and all appear to be getting plenty of playing time.

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