Friday, July 20, 2012

By the way, he's FOUR SHOTS BACK!!!

Post by William

British Open Leaderboard

Watching Sportscenter, you would think Tiger walked across the Atlantic from Jupiter FL to Royal Lytham, cured all diseases, and split the atom when he got there. He's four shots back, for Goodness Sake. I've added the link to the leaderboard for proof.

Tom Watson at age 62 birdies 18 to make the cut and when ESPN interviews him afterward, they show him the highlight of Tiger holing out from the bunker and ask Tom about that. How pathetic.

My head will probably come off tomorrow while I'm watching the Tiger Lovefest.

P.S.   Who besides me REALLY wants to see a final pairing off Tiger and Adam Scott on Sunday? THAT would be good TV.

Have a great weekend.

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