Monday, July 9, 2012

BIG Night for some local boys made good!!

Post by William

Tomorrow night is a big night for 3 Leesburg natives at the MLB All Star Game (7:30 on FOX).

Phillip Phillips will sing before the game, Luke Bryan will sing the National Anthem, and Buster Posey starts for the NL at catcher. Big night for them and the city of Leesburg.

P.S.... we'll be hitting the Blog hard here pretty soon. Started a new venture that's exciting and time consuming. Will have it figured out before too long.

Big stuff coming.... Braves 2nd half, CFBall and Falcons camps starting soon. We'll have the Friday picks again and some smartass stuff to hopefully evoke some comments. (Keep them clean please)

Gonna try a TOP TEN for CFBall this year too.

Anyway, watch the guys tomorrow night and get ready for some heavy duty posting to come.

As always, thanks for playing along.

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  1. Big week for Georgia as Zac Brown Band sang before the homerun derby last night . . .