Wednesday, March 9, 2011

This makes me angry

Post by William

Well I said earlier today that I was going to vent about Tressel and OSU. I was going to until I came across this little gem. (It IS gonna be funny when the NCAA takes away all of their 2010 wins b/c they went all in to beat Woo Pig Sooey in the Sugar Bowl.)

So Ray Drew has gotten UGA into trouble b/c he wanted to be a Kardashian/Lohan/Attention whore for his signing announcement. I guess we're too far gone to think that anybody would just say where they're going w/o ESPN showing up. The thing that makes me mad is that he says he'd do the same thing again knowing what the end result was. It's all about Ray Drew. I thought he was the most mature one in the class.

          Son, when you get to Athens in August, you'd better be ready. I hope that new Strength and Conditioning Coach Joe T makes your life miserable. I hope the first week of camp is awful. The upperclassmen(IF there are any leaders on that team) make your life a living Hell. You are going to get Oklahoma drilled to death.You are going to come to know every step in that stadium. I hope you're so miserable that your parents call Coach Richt.

          Maybe there's a happy ending to all this. Maybe next Fall when the class of 2012 up and coming recruits(Attention whores) come to Athens, you can tell them how great UGA is and and that they must come because you've grown up SO much and how that when they decide to announce where they're going to school, don't be a jackass.

Please forward on to anyone you think might be interested.

Let us know what you think.

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