Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Maybe it is time to boycott ESPN.

Posted by Mike
The World is spinning out of control and ESPN makes time for our Kardashian-in-Chief to grace us with his brave bracket picks of all 1 seeds advancing to the Final Four.

Wow... you went to Columbia for that?

The network should have acted like a parent sending a child up stairs to finish their homework.

"No Mr. President... go take care of the erupting Middle East, those reactors melting down in Japan, and while you're at it why don't you try getting off the back of small business so they can create some jobs. Then we'll give you a few minutes of air time."

The only problem is Obama would stomp up the stairs like a spoiled brat drama queen.

"Then I'm just gona take my birth certificate and union buddies and run away to join the circus."

If only we were so lucky.


  1. Scooter from BamaWednesday, March 16, 2011

    Wow. And everybody said William's post on Ray Drew was "angry"?

  2. Great post Mike! I agree totally, especailly the "No-bama" part. However, you really can't "boycott" ESPN. You'd miss most College Football if you did. I actually partially "boycotted" them a few years ago because of their constant beat-down of Auburn. I no longer visit their website. I go to now. Not that ESPN cares, but it satisfies my own desire --- although, isn't much better, a la Thayer Evans - he's a complete ASS.

  3. I've basically been on the boycott ESPN train for several years now. The SEC is on CBS. My favorite sport is baseball which always get short shrift on ESPN when some NFLer decides hes switching toilet paper. And even in their baseball coverage, the unfathomable hype EVERY year of the Yanks and Red Sox became just too much to take. I could really go on and on here. All their highlight reels are basically now music videos with a hilite stashed in there every now and then. That whole "steroid" thing in baseball? I don't believe for one second that almost everyone at ESPN didnt know that was going on. The players, the Commish office, and ESPN basically allowed the record books to be completely raped without saying a peep. Clearly they dont know how hardcore baseball fans are born, poring over stats from the 1920s and comparing them to the 1980s. But now you cant compare them. Without a doubt, part of that is ESPNs fault. They have a monopoly on everything and are constantly changing times, pushing rumors (like Chris Paul going to the Knicks), only for ratings. I know it's about "the market", which is fine, but please leave a smidgeon of integrity in the sports we love. If enough folks stop/ cut back on ESPN, maybe we can let Fox Sports/ CSS/ SportsSouth...anything compete and the ESPN hype machine will finally lose some luster.