Sunday, February 6, 2011

Play the freaking game already!!!

Post by William

Are they ever going to play this game? ESPN is having a four hour pregame until 2 then Fox has a four hour pregame. What can they possibly talk about for 8 hours? (Of course I do have it on). As a diversion til kickoff, there is some good cbball and the Phoenix Open is on until 6 (Golf Channel at 1, CBS at 3).

There are some really interesting prop bets for the game today.... who wins the coin flip? Total catches for Hines Ward? Will there be a safety? Will Christina Aguilera's hair be anything but all blonde?(No lie, that's a bet). There's one I couldn't find..... Is Fergie really a man?

Ok, here's my pick. 2 very even teams, 2 great defenses, 2 really good QBs. Very fast track today. I'm going to go with the hot QB..... I'll take Green Bay and give the 2. Green Bay 28, Pittsburgh 24. Should be a great game.

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday.

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  1. I've heard on a couple of different occasions that Mark Richt has one of the loudest, foulest mouths in college football during half time. No way for me to know if that's true.

    Also, I'm generally still a big supporter of Richt.