Tuesday, February 1, 2011

It's a BIG, HUGE Wednesday

Post by William

#1  It's a BIG, HUGE day for the Dogs Wednesday. The whole state will be unproductive tomorrow as 17-18 year olds determine the fates of our favorite teams. Isaiah Crowell signs at 1:30 on ESPNU. There are 2-3 more UGA might can sneak in tomorrow as well(Turene and Richardson). John Jenkins signs on Saturday 2/5. He was in Gainesville over the weekend. Here are 2 links on how important  day it is for the Dogs.



Check http://www.ajc.com/sports/ for updates all day long.

Here's a link to a great site for the Crowell announcement at 1:30 Wednesday. They did a great job for the Ray Drew announcement.


Also, WR/KR/QB Logan Gray has decided to transfer to finish his career closer to his family in Missouri. He didn't pan out to be the highly rated QB he was recruited to be. HOWEVER, he kept going to practice, changed positions, fair caught punts, ran down on punts and kickoffs, is scheduled to graduate on time at the end of the semester, and NEVER got into any trouble. Thanks Logan. Good luck in the future.

#2  I'm not exactly sure what's going on over at Ga Tech but they've lost 5 commitments in the last few days. Coach Johnson pulled one from a kid who took a visit to FSU. Keep an eye on that Wednesday.

#3  Basketball in this state is not very good. UGA is in last place in the SEC East after teasing us for 2 weeks. They have some talent and I like the coach. WOW. does that sound like another sport in Athens?
At Tech it really looks like Coach Hewitt has almost lost his team. Sunday night at home against Maryland...LOTS of empty seats. I think the end is near.

Side note as I type this.... Two and a Half Men is freaking hilarious. Charlie Sheen is bad but really funny.

#4  I guess Urban Meyer got a lot of rest in 31 days. He retires from Florida on New Years Day to spend time with his family and to get healthy. Yesterday he signs w/ESPN to work his tail off. Not my favorite person.


#5 On a happier note..... great job by former UGA golfer Bubba Watson last week in San Diego. He held off Mickelson with a crazy birdie on the last hole. Then Phil almost holes out from 80ish yards when he was TRYING to. With his caddy tending the flag. The guys on the tour are phenomenal.

By the way, Tiger finished tied for 44th and afterwards acted like he'd never picked up a club before. Drama.

#6  Braves pitchers and catchers are having a "voluntary" pitching camp at Turner Field this week. They report to Disney for Spring Training on 2/14. Here's a good article about the Braves new manager. I think I'm gonna like him.


#7  I like the buildup to the Super Bowl but by Friday I'll be sick of analysis, stupid questions, etc... Play the game!!!

*****UPDATE    9:02 pm   Ole Miss beats Kentucky!!!!

Have a Happy Signing Day.


  1. Not so sure "Dawg Fan" should be so excited about signing a Top Ten Class. They've done that for the last 7 out of 8 years. Why should this class make them any better off when recent years haven't yielded much? Seems like a waste of talent to me. Good Luck --- you all will need it.

  2. After hitting rock bottom at 6-7 we need a reason to be excited.

  3. Good point relative to Logan Gray. Teams need guys like that.