Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Don't Panic...Yet.

Post by Mike

Okay it is not quite time to panic, but we're getting close.The Braves currently have the worst record in Spring Training, including the Grapefruit and Cactus Leagues. 1-10 with a tie to the Marlins, YUK!

There are a few positive signs like Prado hitting .407 and Uggla .286. Other than that there is not much good coming out of Orlando. Spring Hitting Stats - BEWARE IT IS UGLY!

Heyward is still strugling at .143. Freeman is at .137 and Chipper is .000 in only 8 at bats. And our starting short stop Pastornicky is batting a cool .100 (3-for-30). Didn't we fire our last hitting coach because these guys couldn't hit a beach ball?

Of course the Braves have always had good pitching, but do yourself a favor and don't look at these stats either: Spring Pitching - NOT MUCH TO LIKE HERE EITHER!

They play tonight at 6 PM. I never put much emphasis on Spring Training, but the last team to have a Spring this bad was the 2010 Pirates. They finished last in the majors that year. We still have 22 warm up games remaining. If they can win 8 more, I won't panic.  

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