Thursday, July 21, 2011

OK. You get ONE pick!!

Post by William

I was bored watching the Braves the other night and I started thinking......

If there was one sports related thing that I could do that I haven't done, what would it be? (Bucket List I guess. Never saw the movie)

I've had several good ones.

1999 Braves World Series game where they announced MasterCard All Century Team. When they announced Pete Rose, the place went nuts.

One day at  the Masters with my Dad, brother in law, and best friend. THAT was a great day.

Played golf at East Lake and hung out afterwards having drinks and looking at Bobby Jones stuff. BIG Bobby Jones fan.

I've got 2 that will NEVER happen but would be unreal.

#1   Tuesday night of Masters week.... I get to eat dinner at the Champions Dinner. I can't imagine.

#2   I get to give the pregame speech in the UGA locker room before the Georgia Florida game. (Auburn would work too). All I would need is 5 minutes.

I've given you mine. Let's hear from you. Send us your best.


  1. 1: was at the Braves game when Gene Garber struck out Pete Rose to end his hitting streak.

    2: once went to Plains and met some of Jimmy Carters campaign folks at the train depot, can't remember if Mike was there or not, I'm sure he was.

    3. Watched my son play 3 games straight to win a teeball tournament.

    1. Wish I could have been there the year after Tiger won the Masters, I bet that was some good damn fried chicken.

    2. Wish I could have everyday off growing up so I could practice my basketball skills, like the kids I see in South Albany.

    3. Wish I could find a partner to help me win the Doublegate Member-Guest one more time.

  2. Georgia Sports ReportThursday, July 21, 2011

    "Anonymous", I've got some stew for you.

  3. Done Ones: Saw Fred McGriff's 300th homer at the ol' Launching Pad. It was just 300, but he was by far my favorite player and always will be. It was spectacular. Also saw Michael Jordan play basketball multiple times, but also saw him play baseball for the Birmingham Barons in Chattanooga. He hit a double and went 2-4.

    And I'll combine these into one. Went to Yankee Stadium before they defied the laws of G-d and Man and Babe Ruth and tore it down. Saw Ken Griffey Jr. play at Fenway Park. And it was back when he was on the Mariners in prime Junior mode.

    Wishes: Can't happen unless they invent time travel. Go to Ebbets Field and the Polo Grounds. Preferably in September of 1954 or '55.

    (trying not to make them all baseball related)
    Trying to think of NBA one. Some floor seats to 1971 Eastern Conf Finals would've been sweet. Earl Monroe and Wes Unseld were on the bullets and the Knicks had basically a starting five of Hall of Famers. Walt Frazier, Jerry Lucas, Willis Reed, Dave DeBusschere. And an 8th or 9th man named Phil Jackson.

    I'd love to play at one of Scotland's old British Open courses. But not St. Andrews because that's the one everyone talks about, maybe Prestwick.

    Lastly, but most importantly, and with still a possibility, see Fred McGriff get into Cooperstown. He deserves it. Don't let other players inflated steroid stats hurt another guy's chances at the HOF.