Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mediacom neglect of Braves viewers is roiling the customer base.

Post by Mike
The anger just won't stop and Mediacom doesn't seem to care. I personally know of a dozen people that have switched from cable to dish since the start of the MLB season. We are 43 games into a 162 game schedule and 12 account transfers from my limited exposure to the World.

Let's face it, I barely know 12 people total, so magnify this number across the Southeast and you may begin to get an idea of the scope of this issue. Still the cable provider is unwilling to bend, and when certain fans began complaining on the company Facebook page, the post were promptly deleted and the complainant was blocked from page access.

My early season post about the company neglecting baseball fans has had 11 comments posted. Here is what our readers are saying:

Braves fan said...

From Danny Aller's story in the Albany Herald:

After all, Bloom noted, Braves fans represent only a portion of its overall customer base -

Ms. Bloom, I think that portion is about to get even smaller

Anonymous said...

My 88 year old grandmother has Mediacom just to watch the Braves. That is all she wants and now she can't understand why Peachtree is no longer available. I happened to come across your post in my effort to search for answers. She is fixed income and can't afford a MLB package. It really is a shame. However Mediacom had no problem coming out, giving her the digital upgrade, added stars for 58 more bucks a month and never explained she still wouldn't get Peachtree anymore.

Anonymous said...

I keep hoping that Mediacom will cave and pay the price for the Braves! I really don't want to go to the trouble to get a satellite dish, but I will. On the night of the home opener, we raced home so excited about the game and then we couldn't find them on the Guide. When I called Mediacom and got the recording, I could've climbed through the phone to strangle someone! To make it even worse, they knew they weren't going to broadcast the game, but didn't bother to let their customers know. I just keep hoping enough people will pressure them to make them carry the Braves. We don't have an ideal place for a satellite, but I guess we'll have to improvise. This really stinks! Are you listening, Mediacom???

Anonymous said...

Mediacom is a sorry ass excuse for a cable company. Can't pay a little for the Braves, but if you look at their lineup they sure have a place to look at a good bit of porn if you want. All they care about is the bottom line.

I'm calling Direct TV in the morning to get someone out here in Valdosta to see what pine trees I need to cut to get sat again. Then I'll be cutting Mediacom out of my house.


  1. Mediacom is just running out the clock. Their business model is dead, and the company is on a down hill path.

    50 years ago the comapny that sold you rabbit ears was on top of the World. Where are they now.

    Get with the times and go Dish.

  2. I think this is a prime example when it is time to complain to your commissioner. Call them...write them...inundate them! Force them to work for us in a way that they should have done years ago. Finally they are allowing L2 to bring us a cable alternative but only because L2 is in "bed" with WG&L as their fiber optic ISP. Where is COMCAST when we need them. Let the competition flow.